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Moisture Therapy
KB (Mattapoisett, US)
Good stuff

Makes my skin feel really hydrated.

Emily Belknap (Omaha, US)
I love this stuff!

I saw an immediate change in my skin starting to use this. I noticed more moisturized skin and more even coloring! Definitely worth every penny! Now I rotate between this and the hydrate gel

Hydrate Gel
Callie (Lakewood, US)

I was skeptical of this serum at first because most hydrating serums I've tried haven't been hydrating at all, but this one is! Not only that, but it is also very soothing to the skin and it smells so nice! Kind of like watermelon and cucumber. 😊

Hydrate Gel
KB (Mattapoisett, US)
Love the gel.

Love this gel-seems to help with hydration. I like the old packaging significantly better though w/ the dropper. This new pump tends to squirt all over wasting some & making it messy.

Pore Cleansing Oil
Brooke Michaelson (Chaska, US)
The best cleanser I've ever used

This is hands down, the best cleanser I have ever used! It leaves my skin feeling so clean, yet extremely soft, smooth, and not dried out. It is perfect for my sensitive/rosacea prone skin. I am hooked!

Mandelic AHA | Gritty Beauty
Courtney B (Tolland, US)
Gentle Yet Effective

I love Mandelic AHA. I’ve been using it for about a year now and it’s super effective, yet really gentle in helping to keep my skin clear.

Peptide Finisher
Stacy Edwards (Kansas City, US)
Love Peptide Finisher

I love peptide finisher as my final step - it just makes my skin feel so smooth and moisturized!

Papaya Radiance Peel
KB (Boston, US)

Love how it almost immediately calms my skin!

AnteAGE® Microchanneling Brightening Solution
Stephanie Kimble (Washington, US)

I am so happy to have found this website! My product was exactly as ordered. I will be frequenting this site whenever I’m on the hunt for more clinical grade skincare

Ruby Crystal Cleanser
Megan Chancellor (State College, US)
So luscious!

Love how this makes my skin feel! Helps remove any makeup left behind after a makeup remover cloth and then helps hydrate while it cleans

Love this!

I love this makeup! I have tried most of the “clean” makeup but they each seemed to make my skin worse in some way I couldn’t figure out. I love this makeup it goes on nice and stays plus I can make it light or medium coverage! I keep coming back and buying more

AnteAGE® Growth Factor Serum
Courtney B (Manchester, US)
Super Impressed

I’ve been using AngeAGE serum for a few weeks now and I’m impressed. It feels super nourishing and supportive. I’m excited to see how it continues to support my skin as we go into the colder months.

Hydrate Gel
Hope Havens (Aubrey, US)
So hydrating

Absolutely love the hydrate gel! My skin needs extra hydration and this really helps. I also love the new frosted bottle!

Moisture Therapy
Samantha Sellmeyer (Denver, US)
moisture therapy

this is literally saving my skin!!! love it.

AnteAGE® Growth Factor Serum
Marie Ben Khalifa (Cedarburg, US)
Arrived fast with feee shipping

Super fast delivery thank you grittybeauty

Nice addition

Love this product and will definitely continue to use it. My skin has completely cleared up in a month by using what she recommends!! 10/10 recommend!!

Hydrate Gel
All the products are phenomenal

I’m so glad I took the leap and invested in my skincare. I’ve been using it a WEEK and my skin feels and looks so much better. I’ve always struggled with acne and I love how everything I was using before was explained to me and why it wasn’t helping. I’m so grateful and will be purchasing again and again!!!!

Moisture Therapy
Victoria Grindstaff (Matthews, US)
Perfect Moisturizer

I have been following my Gritty Beauty routine for over a year now and my typically dry skin/acne prone skin is clear, dewy, and looks good without makeup! This moisturizer works the same as it the previously branded Infinity one and is my favorite. You don’t need to use a lot as just a little stretches a long way on your face and neck. It feels so lightweight and helps moisturize even my problem dry areas (my nose). Love it!

So far so good!

My sons face had started to break out. He starting using this routine it has significantly improved!

Glam & Grace in Petal
Merry Hicks (Springfield, US)
Glam and Grace in Petal

Color is beautiful and it stayed on for a good week

Peptide Serum
Ryan Watson (Anaheim, US)
New favorite!

My skin’s hydration has improved and feeling overall so smooth! Love this serum!

Pore Cleansing Oil
Erin B (Charlotte, US)

PCO is a staple product in my regimen! It glides over my skin, yet rinses completely. It's great for massaging sebaceous filament. I also use it as step 1 of nightly double cleanse to remove makeup. This is one stellar, multi-purpose product!

Getting There

My skin since giving birth has gotten pretty bad. I sent Marissa some pictures and she sent me meticulously detailed regimen. My skin has been slowly but surely healing beautifully ever since I started. My husband commented on my soft cheeks the other day. I am feeling more confident in my skin again and loving the products. Thank you Marissa! You have been a godsend!

Pore Cleansing Oil
Nicole R. (Brooklyn, US)

Love this cleanser! Cleans deeply and leaves the skin feeling very soft. Has also helped the texture of my skin in just a few weeks.

AnteAGE® Overnight Lash Growth Serum
Col D. (San Antonio, US)
Anteage Overnight Lash Serum

It has been a little over a month since starting the lash serum and I am starting to see my lashes growing longer and appearing thicker. Of course I would like them to looking like a set of false lashes immediately, but that isn't how nature works. I appreciate that this has growth factors instead of being a prostaglandin analogue (which can cause fat loss around the eyes and age us! YIKES). Looking forward to the continued growth during the next month and beyond.