gritty beauty is anti-aging and barrier-support for acne-prone and sensitive skin

detox your routine for clear skin

Repair the appearance of existing breakouts/dullness/aging in 8 weeks with Marissa's Skin Reset Routine!

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Acne friendly

Our products meet the high standards acne-prone and complex skin require, handpicked by Marissa. Their skin-conscious ingredients are bioavailable for acne, pigmentation, and aging concerns, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin.

authentic & fresh

Gritty Beauty is an authorized reseller of the brands we carry, so you can confidently shop with the knowledge your products are authentic and fresh. We maintain close relationships with our brands in order to maintain modern product knowledge.

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About Gritty Beauty

Gritty Beauty launched in 2017 when Marissa Gossett discovered the secret to clear skin...

Corneotherapy. This led Marissa to discover a professional corneotherapy-based skincare range for symptomatic skin, called Roccoco Botanicals, becoming their first virtual esthetician. A year later, after being interviewed by Suzi on the GurlGoneGreen podcast, nearly 100 women reached out to Marissa requesting consultations for their decade-long skin struggles. Since then, Marissa has evolved Gritty Beauty improving her unique 360 degree approach to long-lasting results, which not only targets acne, but hyperpigmentation and aging too. In 2018, Marissa was the only acne-focused esthetician incorporating AnteAGE's stem cell range into her clientele's daily care for the treatment of acne and rosacea. Later, she consulted with AnteAGE as a Content Analyst, creating educational resources for their aesthetic providers and sales team. Start your skincare journey with the Skin Reset Routine!

Is Tocopherol Comedogenic?

Is Tocopherol Comedogenic?

By Marissa Gossett
Start Here: Skin Restoring Routine

Start Here: Skin Restoring Routine

By Marissa Gossett

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gritty beauty is anti-aging and barrier-support for acne-prone and sensitive skin