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Our products meet the high standards acne-prone and complex skin require, handpicked by Marissa. Their skin-conscious ingredients are bioavailable for acne, pigmentation, and aging concerns, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin.

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Gritty Beauty is an authorized reseller of the brands we carry, so you can confidently shop with the knowledge your products are authentic and fresh. We maintain close relationships with our brands in order to maintain modern product knowledge.

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about Marissa, skin-biological esthetician

Gritty Beauty was founded by esthetician Marissa Gossett in 2018 with the goal to help as many women as possible to successfully clear their skin without harsh products, treatments, and medication.Ā The Gritty Beauty MethodĀ focuses on skin health above all so thatĀ whenĀ activesĀ and home treatmentsĀ are introducedĀ they will improve the skinĀ without reaction.Ā Our movement aims to help you strengthen yourĀ relationship with your skin, which is your best skin asset--followedĀ by your relatioship with your dermatologist and facialist. Every face of skin is different (I knowĀ you're tired of hearing that) which is whyĀ your commitment to clear skin is at least a one-year process, and needs to maintained the rest of your life.Ā If you're ready to start your journey, signup to become a member or email forĀ a complimentary skin consultation!

Warmly, Marissa

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