Moisture Repair

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Gritty Beauty Moisture Repair is a multi-purpose moisturizing balm that replenishes dry skin, locks in moisture, and repairs the skin barrier at a cellular level. Use it as part of your morning and evening routine to instantly soothe and calm your skin.


best for acne, rosacea, pigmentation, aging, and dryness

Meet your new favorite moisturizer

Moisture Repair is Gritty Beauty’s latest moisturizing product. It has all the essential properties you’d expect from a nourishing hydration balm, plus these additional features:

✔ Formulated for acne-prone and sensitive skin

✔ Enhances the skin barrier

✔ Reverses the signs of oxidative damage and stress

✔ Preps the skin for flawless makeup application

✔ Lightens pigmentation and discoloration from post-acne marks

Moisture Repair is exactly what your skin needs to feel supported and soft. Especially during the cooler, dry winter months. 

The creamy balm texture melts into your skin, without leaving any clumps, stickiness, or residue.

You get ultimate hydration and comfort in a bottle. It’s time to start using the lightweight Gritty Beauty Moisture Repair in your daily skincare routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jocelyn Sweeney (Maple Grove, US)
Not for me

I tried Moisture Repair for 5 months, I really tried to like it. I used it with other gritty beauty products in the moisture stack (the rococco essence, hydrate gel, and peptide serum) as directed. I gave it time thinking the purging is from the increased cell turnover and proper moisturizing but I finally had enough. While my dry skin is better my acne is WAY worse! I went from the occasional cystic acne lesion 1-3 times a year plus small closed comedones on occasion to cystic acne at least 4 per month! When I was on moisture therapy I didn't experience this much purging/acne but I used that for only two months. I was hesitant to stop the Moisture Repair because I do believe Marissa is knowledgeable but ultimately I need to listen to my skin and while it isn't dry or inflamed anymore this is the worst my acne has been probably since I was a teen. Something isn't right with this formulation at least for me.

Grace Schmitz (Littleton, US)
Life changing!

I have been using the Moisture Therapy for over a year now, and wanted to see how the Moisture Repair compared. Oh my gosh, it is A DREAM. This moisturizer glides onto your skin and is instantly soothing and calming. My breakouts heal faster and my skin GLOWS all day. My pores in the sunlight look so hydrated, smooth, and plump. My skin LOVES this moisturizer. Cannot go without it 🤩

Kenna (Houston, US)
Moisture Repair

I like the Moisture Repair - but I honestly don't think that it is very moisturizing. My face is still super dry and I wake up with it feeling dry as well. Maybe it's just my skin .. but I am still having issues with acne and dryness.

Hi Kenna! If you are currently on a Gritty Beauty Routine and using Moisture Repair as the last step of your routine and you are STILL struggling with acne and dryness, then we need to uncover the source of your dryness.

If you are avoiding actives and treatment I'm going to assume that the source of your dryness is from our most recent seasonal change. I'm writing this message on November 9, which is fall for everyone in the northern hemisphere ;) But depending on where you live you could be experiencing a drop in humidity, or cooler and windier weather. 40-50% relative humidity is ideal for skin, so open the weather app on your phone to check yours.

Before you can tackle the acne, your skin dehydration must be addressed. So, here are the following steps to take, and in this order:
-Avoid hot showers
-Use a humidifier if where you spend the most time is less that 40% humidity or sleep with a bowl of water on your nightstand
-Use a shower and faucet filter to remove chlorine and minerals
-Use your essence to mist before and after your hydrating step
-Apply a pea sized amount of Rescue Balm under your moisturizer (try a trial)
-Slug with Biogel when your skin is makeup free
-Apply 1-2 pumps of Peptide Serum over your moisturizer
-Switch to Ruby Crystal Cleanser as your cleanser
-Cocktail Hydrate Gel with Globiotic to increase the humectant profile.

Check your skin to see if it's improving. Wait 2 days before implementing the next step. I've love to see in you in Stunning Skin!

Step “Zero” for your daily skincare routine

Moisture Repair is the new base product for Gritty Beauty’s signature skin repair routine. Why? Because we noticed that there is a gap in the skincare industry and a lack of products for women who need help improving their skin barrier. 

Moisture Repair is what we consider to be “Step Zero” because it’s more than just a moisturizer. It contains critical elements for helping repair, enhance, and improve your skin barrier. 

Why is a healthy skin barrier so important?

Because when the skin barrier is weakened, inflammation will rise, you might get more breakouts, and accelerated aging will occur. Your skin will also start to flake and feel less smooth. 

So maintaining your skin barrier should be part of your daily efforts in achieving healthy and radiant skin. 

Moisture Repair was created to provide ultimate hydration but also to specifically help women with reactive, sensitized, or inflamed skin that need additional support in maintaining their skin barrier.

Contains all the essential ingredients for healthier skin

Healthy and radiant skin cannot be obtained when the skin is dry, irritated, or dehydrated. This is why hydrating your skin cells is such a critical component to your skincare routine. Hydration activates the enzymes in your skin, which aids in cellular turnover, clearer pores, and more refined skin.

But what goes into a moisturizer cream? What makes the Gritty Beauty Moisturizer Repair so effective?

  • Inonotus Obliquus (Chaga Mushroom) Extract - A rich antioxidant that helps refine the appearance of pores, evens out skin tone, and smooths the texture of your skin. 
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil - A nutritious ingredient that helps repair skin damage, promotes skin regeneration, and improves elasticity. 
  • Peptide PDP-12 - A skincare peptide that helps reduce dermatitis and irritation by improving the skin barrier. 
  • Liquid Crystals - Organized structures that mimic your natural skin to help prevent water loss and retain moisture.

Women who have acne prone and sensitive skin could very much benefit from using either Moisture Repair or Moisture Therapy. Moisture Therapy is great, and still works very well for many people. But some women (particularly those who live in an arid or dry climate) feel like their skin is still a little bit dry/tight, even after using Moisture Therapy. So if you find that you are needing just a little bit extra, you may want to consider switching to Moisture Repair. 

The other benefit of Moisture Repair is that it has additional properties that help enhance the skin barrier. See the information above why this is such an important step. Moisture Therapy does not contain these same skin barrier benefits. However, it does contain some “bonus” anti-aging effects. 

So, you just need to ask yourself if you prefer the extra benefits of anti-aging (in which case, you may want to stick with Moisture Therapy) or the convenience of improving your skin barrier built right into your moisturizing routine (if so, then you’ll want to go with Moisture Repair).