Moisture Therapy

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Our Moisture Therapy is being re-formulated and will relaunch in Spring 2024! In the meantime, use Moisture Repair.

Gritty Beauty Moisture Therapy is a multi-purpose moisturizer that locks in moisture, reduces inflammation, and repairs skin. Use it as part of your morning and evening regimen to even out redness, prevent the “mid-day shine,” and provide your skin with an instantly calm and cool sensation. 


best for acne, rosacea, pigmentation, aging, and dryness

Finally... a moisturizer that isn't too "heavy" and won't clog your pores

It’s pretty well-known in the skincare industry that moisturizers can have a bad reputation for clogging your pores and being too heavy on oily skin. Gritty Beauty Moisture Therapy is different. 

It has been specially formulated to feel fresh, hydrating, lightweight – unlike other moisturizers you may have tried that were way too rich. 

You definitely don’t want to skip out on a moisturizer, because as we age, the requirement for moisture is needed even more. 

Your skin starts to lose its thickness and needs additional moisture to help keep inflammation down & boost its collagen and elasticity.

Women who use this product often feel relieved and grateful to know that it is actually helping their skin, and not acting as a source of their skin imbalance.

It’s time to replace your old, heavy moisturizer and start using the lightweight Gritty Beauty Moisture Therapy.

Customer Reviews

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Courtney B (Manchester, US)
Missing piece

I really think Moisture therapy was my missing piece. I’ve always taken Marissas advice and been consistently using a GB routine for a year and a half now but I was still getting small rashy breakouts. I’ve only been using Moisture therapy for 2 weeks but I can tell my hydration levels are improving and those breakouts are already becoming less.

Lara (Frankfort, US)
The best!

I think I've finally found the best moisturizer. I struggle with dehydrated skin and comedonal acne, and Moisture Therapy is super soothing, hydrating, never greasy, and I don't have to worry that it's going to break me out. Just right.
Since I started using skincare 8-9 years ago, I've tried and used so many products, and wasted so much $. I've finally found a brand that is 100% worth the price. Marissa is so knowledgeable and her advice is straightforward and unlike anyone else I've found in the online skincare world. Gritty Beauty is a gem!

Suzanne Calvert (Dallas, US)
Love this moisturizer

I love the Moisture Therapy! It isn’t greasy, but hydrates my skin. I can tell my skin barrier is healing with this protocol.

Contains all the essential ingredients for healthier skin

Healthy and radiant skin cannot be obtained when the skin is dry, irritated, or dehydrated. This is why hydrating your skin cells is such a critical component to your skincare routine. Hydration activates the enzymes in your skin, which aids in cellular turnover, clearer pores, and more refined skin.
But what goes into a moisturizer cream? What makes the Gritty Beauty Moisturizer Therapy so effective?

● Copper Peptide is wound healing, reduces inflammation, stimulates collagen, and increases skin elasticity
● Copper Gluconate reduces cellular oxidation and assists in rejuvanation of skin cells
● Zinc Gluconate is anti-inflammtory, anti-microbial, and wond healing