AnteAGE® Anti-Aging Microchanneling Solution

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AnteAGE® Anti-Aging Microchanneling Solution contains pro-healing, anti-inflammatory growth factors and cytokines derived from laboratory culture of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, the specialized cells that science has determined function as “command and control” of healing in all injured tissues. Hyaluronic acid provides lubrication and is a powerful humectant that promotes rapid re-hydration and volume enhancement within the upper layers of the skin. AnteAGE products contain no cells or cell remnants (they are removed during ultrafiltration, the final step in the laboratory culture process).


Recombinant TGF-B3 - Transforming Growth Factor Beta 3 regulates epidermal and dermal cells in healing skin, modulates inflammation and reduces scar formation.

Recombinant bFGF - Fibroblast Growth Factor Basic supports scarless wound healing and proliferation of fibroblast cells that produce collagen, elastin and other matrix proteins. 

  • Contains pristine Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell-derived cytokines. A superior cell source for culture compared to fibroblast cells and adipose stem cells. Maintains a stronger anti-inflammatory portfolio of cytokines. 
  • Formulated with a Hyaluronic Acid-base, and no harmful ingredients seen in other microneedling solutions 
  • Paraben-free, FD&C dye-free, Sulfate-free




    Water (Aqua), Human Bone Marrow Stem Cell Conditioned Media, Hyaluronic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid

    Ingredients may change or vary from time to time. Please take a look at the ingredient lists on the product package for the most up-to-date list of ingredients.