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Is your skin red, flaking, warm, painful, itchy, burning, or breaking out? Or not really sure what you see in the mirror because there is a lot going on? Is it acne or rosacea, dehydrated or dry, irritation or dermatitis, hormonal or surface level?

Or do you have stubborn skin that doesn't respond to products and treatments designed for your unique skin symptoms?

The truth is, you are not alone! Most women in your shoes...

...Don't have a complete routine consisting of a cleanser, mist, hydrating serum, moisturizer, and SPF. 

...Are using the wrong products entirely which are either very underwhelming or overwhelming for their skin.

...Are stuck on using green beauty or plant-based products that do not speak the language of human skin cells. Typically natural ingredients create big problems like inflammation and breakouts.

...Are ignorant of the crucial ingredients that are required to transform sad skin into skin that is comfortable, hydrated, and healthy.

...Are flippant when they don't see results, and go all-in with actives like retinoids, acids, and harsh skincare treatments like dermaplaning, peels, and laser, instead of making little tweaks. OR they just to the other extreme and pare back to bar soap and squalane.

...Buy tons of skincare products and professional treatments with empty promises instead of investing in high-quality skincare products and devices like microcurrent and LED.

If this is you, I'd recommend starting on the following products to be used AM and PM which check all the boxes for healthy skin!

AM/PM Routine
1. Cleanser: Pore Cleansing Oil
Once makeup is gently and completely removed, apply 2-3 pumps and thoroughly massage skin for up to 60 seconds. Use water to remove the cleanser, and gently assist removal with a warm damp facial cloth if necessary. 

2. Mist: Purifying Treatment Essence
While skin is still damp from cleansing, hold mist 6-9 inches from the face and spritz 3-5 times. 

3. Hydrating Serum: Hydrate Gel
While skin is still damp from mist, apply 5-6 drops (or 1-2 pumps) of serum to face, covering all redness and texture.

4. Moisturizer: Moisture Therapy 
While skin is still damp from serum, smooth an even layer on the skin. For a moisture intensive upgrade choose AnteAGE Moisturizer.

LED Light Therapy: Illuminate LED™ Red Light Panel
Daily 5-20 minute sessions will lower inflammation, encourage healing, and reduce breakouts in the most effective way. I recommend skincare devices all the time, and this one improves the skin drastically without applying topicals.

Hydrating Mask: Peptide Sheet Mask
1-2x/month, apply sheet mask after cleansing. Process for 10-15 minutes and do not rinse. Follow with mists, serums, and moisturizers.

Exfoliation: Regenzyme
1-2x/week, after cleansing, apply an even layer to the skin. Process for 10-15 minutes and rinse off. Follow with mists, serums, and moisturizers.

Sunscreen: TIZO AM Replenish SPF 40
Sunscreen is a necessary product to prevent your skin from sun damage and accelerated aging. This is a good product to start with and it will be worthwhile to find an SPF that works well with your skin and supports your preferences. 

Anti-Aging Serum: AnteAGE Serum
This is the anti-aging product I recommend once you start to see initial healing in the skin. After applying Hydrate Gel, while skin is still damp, apply 1-2 pumps of serum to face.

Once your skin feels comfortablehydrated, and healthy you can begin introducing Vitamin C serums, retinoids, and other anti-aging products! 

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  • Hi!
    I’ve been struggling with chin / jaw breakout for a few years. They’re small comedones.
    Im wondering if I should just order the regimen above or speak with you? What do you rcmd?


    Rosa on

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