Some Women Won't Get Clear Skin... and this is why

Some Women Won't Get Clear Skin... and this is why

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This blog is going to be hard to write, but I want to be as transparent as possible...

I spent hours watching the most viewed YouTube videos on women's acne journeys. Ugh... they are gut-wrenching. While these women did improve their skin in some way, shape, or form, they all had two things in common they were just not getting...

Everyone is looking for those missing pieces of the puzzle and I'm going to tell you what those pieces are. 

-Doctors will say you have a hormonal imbalance and prescribe birth control or spironolactone, or systemic antibiotics to treat the infection.

-Nutritionists will say you are nutrient deficient and have food intolerances, and will recommend tons of supplements and tell you to stop eating certain foods.

-Functional doctors will say you have a hidden illness and try to rid your body of toxins with detoxing protocols.

-Estheticians will say you are using the wrong makeup and skincare, sell you tons of products, and then attempt to treat your skin with peels and harsh skincare, eventually giving up.

-Dermatologists will say that your skin is untreatable if topicals failed you and then prescribe you Accutane.

-Health coaches will say your life is too toxic and you need to eat 100% organic and go all-natural including your skincare.

-Skincare brands will say their products are the best, but if they don't work, you're the outlier.

You have now become this woman:

  • She takes birth control or has an IUD and her hormones have become a mess
  • She has a cabinet full of hundreds of dollars worth of supplements
  • She fears food and can't make or order a meal without substitutions
  • Her skin has become antibiotic-resistant from the medication she's on, and now she experiences skin and gut dysbiosis
  • She fears anything skin touching her skin including her own used pillowcase and unclean makeup brushes
  • She fears chemicals and anything this is not "green"
  • She has a $1k+ collection of skincare products on her counter right now, uncertain of which products are causing her breakouts.
  • She is stuck and she will never clear her skin...

Skin health is extremely difficult to navigate. While your undesirable skin state may not be your fault, it is your responsibility to solve it... but how...?

Always start with skincare. You will begin seeing improvement in your skin when you support it biologically. This doesn't mean you just use gentle skincare products, it means you must establish a skincare routine that speaks the language of your skin.

The routine will hydrate your skin cells, reduce inflammation, and repair your skin barrier. In a short amount of time, you will notice less redness, less irritation, less flaking and dryness, less texture. You will notice your breakouts healing quicker, your skin becoming plumper, and your breakouts happening less and less. 

Your skincare routine should support your skin through repair, healing, and anti-aging. It is by and large the quickest and fastest way to achieve clear and stunning skin! Considering how many years women like you have been fighting their skin, getting progressive results, that you can sustain at home, feels like skin freedom! 

What about food intolerances, hormone imbalance, gut issues, etc.? In most cases, women can heal their skin without any restrictive diet or supplement plan! Healing your skin from the outside will help you to see what internal aspects are actually influencing your skin in a negative way

So... what puzzle pieces were the women missing from the YouTube videos?

Here they are:

  1. They've attempted to clear the skin without a biological skincare routine 
  2. They've attempted to clear their skin by substituting sustainable lifestyle balance for quick-fix drugs, supplements, and restrictive diets 

This is why some women don't clear their skin.


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