Illuminate LED™ Red Light Panel

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Illuminate LED™ is a revolutionary LED phototherapy device for spas and home use. Illuminate uses 1800 LEDs because with 1800 LEDs you will complete the treatment in less time, just five minutes. Other panels have 100, 200, or maybe 300 LEDs. With 1800 LEDs we can run each at a lower power. Lower power means less heat and longer life. Other panels either have a large heat sink or a small number of LEDs without a heat sink. Hold a piece of paper up to other LED devices. You will see spots where the light is brightest and places of very low-level light in between these bright spots. Their optical energy is not uniform. Illuminate is the only LED device that provides uniform energy from less than an inch all the way to three inches. Hold a piece of white paper up to illuminate to experience this uniform energy that your skin is getting.  Illuminate is lightweight, thin, flexible, and powerful. The revolutionary, patent-pending, design of Illuminate not only makes it very thin but also provides several wonderful benefits. Browse the details here on our website and contact us to discover why Illuminate is far and away the best LED panel in its class.

Many research studies show human cells respond best to red light in much the same way that plant cells benefit from sunlight. It is healthy for your skin to be in the sun. You already know that. The sun’s UVB energy is what your body uses to make Vitamin D. Unfortunately, UVB, 280nm – 315nm, also gives you a sunburn and has been shown to cause accelerated aging and other problems for your skin. Illuminate uses narrow-band, 660 nanometer Light Emitting Diodes, LEDs. Illuminate does not generate any ultraviolet energy. Your skin will not get sunburned from using Illuminate. Skin has a window of lowest attenuation from 650 nanometers to about 900 nanometers, nm. What this means is that the healing energy from Illuminate’s 660 nm LEDs can penetrate deeper into the skin. Many studies have been conducted to document the cellular processes with 660 nm LEDs. Cellular processes improve the most from 660nm to 680 nanometers with a fast falloff of efficacy above 680 nm. Therefore, we chose 660 nm, Deep RED LEDs to provide the most penetration while simultaneously providing the most efficacy.

We asked prospects what their main issues were with other LEDs panels. The number one concern was long treatment times. With Illuminate’s 1800 LEDs you are getting more energy into the skin. More energy to the skin means it takes less time to achieve results. Why use a panel that suggests 20 minutes or more as their treatment time.  Ask them how many Joules/cm2 they provide. Joules/cm2 is the industry-standard specification used to compare the amount of optical energy during the recommended treatment time. All high-end LED providers will tell you how many Joules/cm2 they provide in their recommended treatment time. If they dance around and say it is not important, you know they are trying to get you to purchase an inferior product. Illuminate provides 5 joules/cm2 in 5 minutes. Illuminate has the power to get the job done in five minutes. We hope you spend some time researching other panels before deciding on Illuminate. Illuminate is best-in-class. You would have to use a competitor’s panel for more than an hour to achieve the same power Illuminate achieves in just 5 minutes.

Illuminate has several differentiated features. Uniform Energy is the most differentiated. No other manufacturer provides uniform energy. Why did we make Uniform Energy a design goal? We wanted to provide your nose, cheeks, and chin with the same amount of optical energy.  How did we achieve Uniform Energy? We did not put a focusing lens over each LED Illuminate is the only full-face LED panel without a focusing lens over each LED. We did this for several reasons. It gives us a very thin and elegant panel but more importantly, the energy is uniform over distance. If we included a focusing lens the energy would decrease the farther your skin is away from the panel. The number of LEDs, and how they are mounted, is revolutionary and patent=pending. And is what causes the energy from the panel to stay constant over the first three inches of distance from the panel. All other systems must specify their optical energy at a specific distance. With an Illuminate the nose, cheeks, and chin all receive the same amount of optical energy even though they are different distances from the panel.