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Gritty Beauty Hydrate Gel is an incredibly soothing hydrating serum that quenches your dry, tight skin. It erases redness, flaking, irritation, and discomfort. Use it as part of your Gritty Beauty Routine to restore hydration and prevent water loss.

Hydrate Gel typically lasts about 60 days when you apply 3-5-drops to face and neck AM and PM.


best for acne, rosacea, pigmentation, aging, and dryness

Focus on hydration to finally get comfortable and healthy skin

Did you know that hydrating serums are rarely prioritized, yet they are the most important step in getting healthier skin? This hydrate gel may be the missing link in your skincare lineup.

The silky smooth formula nurtures and supports your delicate skin to prevent it from sliding downward and also helps with absorption of other essential skincare products.

Start using the Gritty Beauty Hydrate Gel today to get the results you’re looking for.

Contains all the essential ingredients for healthier skin

Healthy and radiant skin cannot be obtained when the skin is dry, irritated, or dehydrated. This is why hydrating your skin cells is such a critical component to your skincare routine. Hydration activates the enzymes in your skin, which aids in cellular turnover, clearer pores, and more refined skin. But what goes into a hydrating serum? What makes the Gritty Beauty Hydrate Gel so effective?

The Gritty Beauty Hydrate Gel contains 5 humectants for maximum hydration:

○ Beta-Glucan
○ Sodium PCA
○ Aloe
○ Glycerin
○ Hyaluronic acid

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jasmine (Las Vegas, US)
My skin loves this!

I use the GB stack as recommended, but I believe this is what my skin loves MOST. Absolutely adore it.

Emily Belknap
Love it

I love using this as part of my GB routine! I have been using it since it came out and can tell a noticeable different in my dry skin when using. Leaves my skin feeling light and moisturized without any stickiness. I never go without it!

H.H. (Gainesville, US)
Vital piece to my skincare routine

Absolutely love having the hydrate gel part of my routine. I ran out for a month or so before I ordered and wow, I did feel a difference!! I really appreciate the Gritty Beauty quality for price. If you haven’t tried the Hydrate Gel and it fits your skin healing criteria, go for it!!!