AnteAGE Secrets

AnteAGE Secrets

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Hard truth: The reason why women do not get results from expensive skincare products is that their unhealthy skin state is working against the skincare products. Below, you will gain the skin wisdom you need to reveal the results you crave from the AnteAGE 2-Step System

What are the differences between the Serum (Step 1) and the Accelerator (Step 2)? The Serum features physiologically balanced Stem Cytokines™ from bone marrow and premium peptides that rapidly increase collagen and elastin and refine the skin's appearance at a cellular level. The Accelerator is what you imagine when you think of an anti-aging serum, but better. It is rich in Stem Cytokines™, vitamins, and antioxidants incorporating an antimocrobial peptide and retinoid-alternative (bakutchiol) to enhance the pro-healing, regenerative and anti-inflammatory potential of the skin.

Can I use just the Serum or just the Accelerator? The Serum is AnteAGE's flagship product, which is the product this pioneering brand is built on. Their famous clinical studies were executed with this exact product. I'd suggest keeping the Serum in your routine indefinitely, applying it day and night to your face, neck, and chest. The Accelerator doesn't contain the same concentrated Stem Cytokines™ portfolio as the Serum, but it does have the necessary vitamins and antioxidants the skin needs on a daily basis - so if you don't obtain these ingredients from the Accelerator, you will need to use a similar high-quality product/s. However, I do recommend keeping the Accelerator as a skincare staple if it is right for you. It can be used in place of your nightly retinoid during the winter months when the skin typically reacts to vitamin A derivatives (i.e. retinyl propionate, retinol, tretinoin, retinaldehyde).

I'm experiencing pilling (or balling) when I apply my makeup. Every now and again someone will report that their products are pilling off when they apply their makeup. The majority of users don't experience this, but if you are, try the following.

1. Use the serums separately. For instance, use Accelerator in the AM and Serum in the PM or vice versa.

2. Use the serums at night only.

3. Don't use more than two pumps of product on face (you may apply more to neck and chest), as applying too much of any product can create pilling.

When will I notice a difference in my skin? Depending on the age and state of your skin, most people will notice an improvement in their skin in about 10 days. Yes, you will see subtle tightening, lifting, and refinement as the cumulative changes occur in small increments day-to-day.  If you don't see improvements after using the products for several weeks, you will surely see the difference with you STOP using them, as the eyes play tricks on us. Having the right expectation and being patient with science-based skincare is critical. If you are using drugstore products, or are using an incomplete routine that isn't customized to your skin's specific needs, then you will not maximize the results from the 2-Step System. It's important to know that no topical skincare can reverse structural issues like skin sagging, fat loss, and prominent scarring, however with long-term use you can improve it and prevent further damage from occurring. You will need to incorporate microcurrent or clinical microneedling to improve in these areas.

I have sensitive skin. Redheads and Asians or those with a familial history of rosacea or other inflammatory skin conditions may have heightened skin sensitivities to most skincare products. A reaction could look like flushing or an outbreak of closed comedones or inflamed acne if you are acne-prone. In this case, always test products on your jawline to see how your skin responds. Get into the habit of adding products into your routine one by one (and slowly) to give your skin's immune system time to adjust. Begin by adding the Serum once a day, then increase to twice a day when your skin looks and feels great. Add in the Accelerator in the same way. To mitigate product reactions, be sure your routine addresses your skin's unique needs focusing on incorporating high-quality thoughtfully-formulated products.

My skin is reacting to the products. Prior to using the 2-Step System, if your skin was flushed, dry/dehydrated, itchy, flaky, peeling, burning, or has fine lines, you are experiencing what is called skin barrier dysfunction. This has nothing to do with the products, but everything to do with the present state of your skin. Environmental and hormonal shifts and acute stress can influence barrier dysfunction, but in most cases using poor quality, too natural, or too strong of products can make your skin deteriorate and age quickly. As a results, sometimes people report their skin burning with even a simple no-frills moisturizer and tap water! If this is the case for you, remove all active products from your routine, and use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer (you can even slug with AnteAGE Biogel - slugging is wearing a balm-like product as an overnight mask) to rehab your skin. Then add in the Serum in the same way I mentioned above, which actually has barrier healing properties when the skin isn't in a traumatic state.

Is it a "complete" system? Yes, for most people with normal skin you can use the AnteAGE cleanser, mask, and the 2-Step System as a complete daily skincare routine (don't forget SPF). The trial size of the new AnteAGE Moisturizer is now available to complete your skincare routine. However, if you have sensitive, acne-prone, barrier dysfunction, or dry skin, then you will need to incorporate skincare products to lower your skin's inflammation and increase hydration to restore your skin's biological function.

Can I use this system with a retinoid? Yes! Use the Serum AM and PM. Add in the Accelerator AM and/or PM. Use your retinoid only PM. My favorite retinoid for sensitive skin is retinyl propionate, which can be found here.

What other products should I be using? AnteAGE is a biological skincare brand, which means they formulate with skin-native ingredients that speak the language of the human cell. Cellular communication between skin and skincare products is important if you are looking to obtain your best-looking skin! Gritty Beauty has the same philosophy when it comes to skincare. My shop only stocks products that meet the skin's true needs. It's important to use these high-quality products to build a well-rounded routine, made up of a cleanser, hydrating mists and serums, antioxidant and vitamin-based serums, active ingredients to lighten pigmentation and encourage cellular renewal, and moisturizers that nourish and lock in water. Always wear sun protection!

How often should I use the AnteAGE Home Microneedling Kit? The trick with home microneedling is doing what works for your schedule. You will get the best results when you are doing it consistently over a long period of time not frequently over a short period of time. Find the rhythm that works best for you, so whether it's several times a week, weekly, or a couple of times a month, do that! Just don't stop.

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  • Hello! Is there serum supposed to have a slight almond sent and the accelerator no scent at all?
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