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Daily skincare is the most important aspect of achieving healthy skin. If you want exceptional results, weekly facials go above and beyond to reverse skin damage and reveal a stunning complexion!

If you are a woman that loves to invest a couple of hundred dollars in professional facials, this email is not for you. I too love my face to be touched, but move right along ;P

The Gritty Beauty Ultimate Facial is for anyone who wants to invest in the products and tools to perform a professional treatment on their skin from their own bathroom. It’s exceptionally easy to do (and friendly on the wallet) giving incredible results when done week after week.

This is the exact facial I give myself on a weekly basis - it gives me so much confidence! It is for all skin types especially those with acne-prone and aging skin. Take caution that inflamed and open skin may not respond well to various skincare products and devices.

The Gritty Beauty Ultimate Home Facial is 3-facials-in-1!
Prep: Clean your skin with cleanser and pat dry. Make sure your tools are sanitized with rubbing alcohol.
Microcurrent: Apply conductive gel of choice over your face and neck. Plug in your Clareblend Mini and work your face and neck for 5-15 minutes. Keep gel hydrated with tap water. Rinse gel when done.
Enzyme Exfoliation: Apply enzyme mask of choice for 10-15 min. Rinse skin and pat dry.
Microneedling: Breakup skin into sections (i.e. forehead, cheeks, chin, neck). Apply solution or Hyaluronic Acid Glide to section; stamp or roll area. Do not rinse when done.
Red LED: Perform LED treatment to face and neck.
Calming Mask: Apply Peptide Sheet Mask to skin for 10-15 min. Do not rinse when done.
Finish: Apply a thin layer of Biogel or squalane.
If you perform the Ultimate Facial in the morning, you may not want to wear makeup for the rest of the day. If you do it at night, your skin should be back to normal from the microneeding, and you can perform your normal skincare routine.

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